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Gift Card

Invitation to a dining experience at Mürver...
Each meal At Mürver leaves fine memories on your mind and fine flavors on your plate. How would you like to give your loved ones the gift of a meal at Mürver?

What is it? The Gift Card is an invitation to dine at Mürver.



How is it used? The balance of your choosing will be loaded onto your card. You may use the balance on your card to sample flavors from Mürver’s food, dessert, hot beverage, cellar, and bar menus.



The Gift Card is valid for one year after purchase. The balance loaded to your card must be used within one year. The Mürver Family kindly requests that you make a reservation for when you will use your card and call ahead to ensure your card is activated.



Contact us for more information on the Gift Card and to find out about corporate sales options: +90212 372 07 50