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Whole-grain sourdough / roasted beef mince
Pickled Fish
Pickled sea bass / creamy green onion sauce / crispy cucumber
Autumn Salad
Seasonal greens / fresh goat cheese / pear / sour dressing
'Dry Cacık'
Smoked yoghurt / roasted garlic / pickled cucumber
Antalya-style bean stew / whole-wheat tahini / pickled red onion
Duck 'Topik'
Duck confit / cinnamon / onion / hummus / walnut
'Mücver' with Aegean Herbs
Zucchini fritters / walnut-yoghurt sauce
Smoked Dry Beef
Fig syrup / Divle ‘obruk’ tulum cheese / crispy bread
Barbecued 'Sucuk'
Homemade spicy paste / lamb sucuk / Çengelköy pickles
Chargrilled calamari / coastal herbs
Ash-Grilled Octopus
Warm Aegean salad
Fried Lamb Liver
Roasted peppers / fresh herbs / spicy pepper jam
Smoked Beef Tongue
Green apple pickle / cherry tomatoes / ‘Hibeş’
Cheese & Honey
Anatolian cheeses / oak honey / walnut / fruit pulp

From the Brick Oven

Fish Casserole
Spicy pickled okra in olive oil / grilled onion / fresh herbs
Dentex fillets cooked over wood fire / Malkara lentil / ‘siyez’ vermicelli
Lamb Chops (for two)
Whole-cooked lamb chops / zucchini ‘çintme’
'Trakya Kıvırcık' (for two)
Slow-roasted bone-in lamb / Antakya ‘firik’ bulgur
Oxtail 'Mantı'
‘Katmer’ / goat milk yoghurt / spicy butter

From the open-flame grill

Quail (1 bird)
Roasted quail / roasted artichoke / beetroot molasses
From the Fish Market (for 3-4 persons)
Whole-cooked fish of the day
Grilled shrimp / cauliflower / leeks
Dry-Aged Rib Steak
Roasted garlic / grilled vegetables / beef marrow
Kuru Dinlendirilmiş Dana Pirzola
Köz sarımsak / ızgara sebze / dana ilik
Beef Tenderloin
Oven-roasted potatoes / spicy pepper paste / water buffalo milk yoghurt


'Yanık Sütlaç'
Oven-baked pudding with ice cream / black mulberry paste / thyme-infused crisps
Antep pepper / pistachio / black mulberry / baklava crisps
Oven-Baked Fruits
Seasonal fruits / fresh herbs / vanilla ice cream
Cheese Dessert
‘Mesir’ paste / lime
Cheese & Honey
Anatolian cheeses / oak honey / walnut / fruit paste
Buttered Bread
Black cumin ice cream / dulce de leche
Tahini-Helva Wrap
Ice cream / Antep pistachios

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