summer, now...

food & dessert

Bites & To Share

artichoke salad
fresh herbs | globe artichoke | barley wheat | strawberry | peanut
smoked yoghurt | charred garlic | pickled cucumber
‘’gambilya’’ fava bean
spicy “halhali” olive | pickled green chili
“topik” sourcherry hummus
oven brased duck | cinnamon | walnut
roasted herbs
hibiscus | nettle | cibes | crispy dough | buffalo yoghurt
summer tomatoes from the garden
pickled elderberry flower | crunchy dough | strawberry vinegar
peeled zucchinis
goat cheese sauce with herbs | seasonal zucchinis | “Karaağaç” pepper
peaches from brick rock owen and “obruk” cheese
rocket | quince molasses | green beans
bulgur with beef tenderloin
“Karakılçık” bulgur | Buffalo cheese | mustard sauce
"çıtır pide"
sourdough | lamb "kokoreç" | tulum cheese
grilled spicy lamb “sucuk”
14 days aged spicy lamb “sucuk” | charred & mashed potato | pickled cucumber
char grilled calamari
onion & rice ‘’dolma’’ | chard cream
octopus in ash
warm Aegean salad | sumac | isot pepper | sour pomegranate

From the Brick Oven & Open Fire Grill

"türlü" on summer
artichoke | asparagus | okra | nettle sauce
grilled free range chicken
roasted young potato | pickled green chili | spicy mustard
oven roasted sea bass
‘’erişte’’ with radish | fisherman salad | green beans | baby potato
monkfish hanged on the grill
baked green beans | charred seasonal peppers | wild herbs juice
seafood stew
shrimp| calamari | rock-bass | mussel | brased chard
grilled sea bass
yellow lentil pilaf | seasonal mushroom | baby spinach
white millet pilaf with prawn
prawn | baby spinach | white corn
oxtail "katmer"
"katmer" flat bread | goat-milk yoghurt | spicy olive oil
brased beef cheeks
“halhali” olive | charred eggplant | wild thyme
lamp chops
‘bulgur’ pilaf with dried eggplant | ‘Antep’ pistachio paste
beef tenderloin
zucchini ‘’Çintme’ | pepper | red onion
“Trakya Kıvırcık” Lamb
Slow roasted lamb shoulder | smoked "firik" wheat | spicy apricot compote | salted yoghurt
12 hours braised beef rib
artichoke from brickrock owen with black eyed peas charred pepper sauce | buffalo yoghurt


burnt pistachio
“Antep” pistachio / cherry ice cream with sweet basil
baked apricot
almond cream / roasted biscuit crunch
cold chocolate
hazelnut / black mulberry / strawberry / blueberry
baked ‘’antep’’ pistachio ‘’börek’’
buffalo double cream / baked plum / ice cream
‘’menengiç’’ coffee / black mulberry / strawberry sorbet / almond
cheese & honey
Anatolian raw milk cheeses / oak honey / walnut

bar menu & wine list

Whether you opt to remain indoors or visit the year-round terrace, Mürver’s bar is the ideal setting for a relaxing getaway after work, for quick bites, or for a coffee and dessert break.


The recipient of the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator in 2019, our bar serves an extensive selection of wines, a seasonal menu of cocktails that combine fresh ingredients with inventive techniques and recipes, as well as our signature cocktails.