Out of fire...


Inspired by the fire burning year-round in our kitchen, we expand our menu and our discoveries in taste according to the spirit and ingredients of each season. Mürver is a kitchen where different cooking techniques and regional recipes are discussed and reinterpreted with local ingredients around an open flame.

Fire is the protagonist of our story. 

Sea is the most vital source for our kitchen. 

Earth and Anatolia are its biggest miracle, providing crops, ingredients, as well as the labour and recipes of growers.


At Mürver,

We cook over fire.

We incorporate aromatic herbs both at our open-flame wood-fired grill and in our brick oven, serving daily fish and seafood from the Fish Market as well as cuts of meat which are aged, dried, and smoked in-house.

Mürver Classics

Since our opening in 2017, our most beloved dishes have become Mürver classics in their own right, earning themselves a permanent spot on our menu. The ‘Trakya Kıvırcık’, Ash-Grilled Octopus, and the decadent ‘Yanık Sütlaç’ with oven-baked pudding and ice cream are some of the signature dishes from our menu, which highlights the best ingredients of every season.

Our view

Mürver’s inventive, comfortable, and modern décor features materials like wood, marble, sheet metal, and copper, accompanied by a touch of greenery as well as fantastic views of the Historic Peninsula, Topkapı Palace, and the sea.

Our motto

We love


and gathering around a table,

the clinking of glasses accompanied by laughter,

food—and, naturally, fire…

We love sharing and equality.

Understanding. Loving as is. Experimenting.

Discussing the miracle of food and regionality

with ingredients provided by the earth, water, sun, and labour.

We love learning, changing, and diversity…


Our chef Mevlüt Özkaya, born in 1988, started his professional culinary education life with the kitchen department of Antalya Tourism Hotel Management High School. He graduated from Kocatepe University Cookery Associate Degree Culinary Department in 2010. He gained experience in different chef restaurants since 2010. He served as the opening chef of Mürver Restaurant with the founding chefs of the restaurant in 2017.

He has been actively working as “Head Chef” at Mürver Restaurant since 2021.

Our chef says that the greatest architect of the culinary story is Neslehan, that is, her grandmother, with whom she grew up. His admiration for hand-made delicacies brought Mevlüt Chef closer to cooking, and his interest in food, along with the training he received and the experience he gained, turned it into a passion to connect with the past through local products and to research new dishes and techniques.


Chef Mevlüt Özkaya, who maintains his passion for cooking by preparing Mürver’s meals with what the sea and earth offer us in all seasons, was awarded the “Michelin Young Chef” award in the first year of the Michelin Guide in Turkey.

Chef’s Counter


Designed out of Nero Picasso marble, our six-person chef’s counter is the ideal place to experience Mürver’s love of fire alongside exclusive recipes and the lively atmosphere of the kitchen.

Located on the top floor of Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus in Karaköy, Mürver opened in 2017 to offer a creative, comfortable, modern, and authentic dining experience. Managed by AccorHotels with the investment of Akfen GYO, Mürver receives consulting services from Mehmet Gürs, with Mevlüt Özkaya serving as the restaurant’s chef.


Whether you opt to remain indoors or visit the year-round terrace, Mürver’s bar is the ideal setting for a relaxing getaway after work, for quick bites, or for a coffee and dessert break. 



The recipient of the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator in 2019, our bar serves an extensive selection of wines, a seasonal menu of cocktails that combine fresh ingredients with inventive techniques and recipes, as well as our signature cocktails. Please check the contact us page for working hours.



To view our cocktail and wine list, visit the Beverages and Bar section of our menu.

groups & events

Please contact us for more information on our lunch and dinner menus, meeting room, and other amenities for your celebrations, group dinners, or private events.


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